Mind of Malaka

I didn’t set out with sexual harassment on my mind, but it’s one of those unfortunate consequences of giving an individual like me access to a keyboard, a smartphone, a podium…pretty much any vehicle that allows one to communicate with humanity.

gba You see, sometime last week, I got a tweet from Gyedu Blay Ambolley. He said he had been interviewed and suggested I check out the story…so I did.

He looked great – very handsome and distinguished – in every picture from this article, and I had no qualms telling him as much. I tweeted a reply along the lines of the following:

“Nice body of work. And your music is pretty good too.”

I can’t say for certain what I said. I am unwilling to go back and review my timeline for accuracy.

Unless you’ve grown up on Mars – or somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line –…

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