Oh My God……

Mind of Malaka

I woke up early on Friday morning before the sun came up. It was January 4th. My husband was still fast asleep when I finally slung my handbag over my shoulder.

“When will you come back?” he asked groggily.

“Maybe around four o’clock on Saturday evening,” I replied. “Certainly before dinner, so that I can serve you.”

“Mmmm. Okay. Bye bye.”

I wanted to give him a hug, but something made me stop.

“Bye bye,” I said softly. I wanted him to get a bit more rest.

I waited until I heard the door click shut before I walked quietly down the hall. The children were still sleeping and I could hear my son snoring loudly from the room he shared with his younger cousin. My husband and I had worked hard to give them all a good life, and I think they knew how blessed they were.  I…

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