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SELF AUDIENCE (Dennis Mburu)

It’s one of those nights; you just can’t fall to sleep no matter how hard you pressure your mind. What is wrong with you?’ you ask your mind. ‘Don’t you realize I have had a long day and I really desire my rest?’ Your mind is in turn disconcerted and appalled. It is not it’s fault that many thoughts decided to call upon it on this particular night, neither did it offer any invitation to life’s troubles; love and relationship issues or even disheartening memories, which on this particular night seems to have won a bigger audience. Poor mind, would it have known it would be subjected to such grueling tasks, it would have found a drug at an alluring rate only to dispel itself of its visitors.

Nevertheless, tonight one gentleman in the name of self audience keeps alluring you. This is the ‘gent’ or ‘lady’ that keeps you hating yourself every time you commit an act you are so trying so hard to overcome. This is the gent who keeps trying to get your attention which you never seem to spare. In this plane of existence we get faced by many challenges that seem to place us in awkward positions. Addictions seem to give illusions of fulfillment which are never real.  We strive so hard to find satisfaction in our day to day endeavors be it jobs, friends, routine tasks, ambitions and goals we set for ourselves. Later on, this grows worse by the day and you end up having a downcast feeling of yourself when you don’t achieve your desires.

How many times do you admonish or doubt yourself if you don’t achieve what you want? How many times do you get frustrated by life’s demands when you are in no position to meet them? You keep asking yourself how to overcome these challenges, while solutions to these seem miles away, strolling towards you at a pace that tries your patience. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you should slow down and take time to listen to yourself? Self audience is the part where you look deep into yourself and evaluate where you’re heading.

Look back at all the mistakes or the good things that have ever come your way. What lessons have you derived from them? How can the future you so want to nurture be perfected by all the things you have gone through? These are some of the things you need to answer by taking time, and giving an audience to your inner thoughts.

Peace of mind comes from knowing one’s limits, patience and love towards those close to you. You may reject, turn them away by your selfish nature, but a second look at things may sort out a lot which you thought were hindrances to your success. Perhaps indulging in self analysis may not appeal or apply to you, but in life all these matters are hidden behind a veil of self awareness. How well you know and think of yourself will clear a lot of negative energy swirling within you. Pray and meditate today. You never know how things might change by looking at situations around you, in a different perspective.

May the Love and Mercies of JESUS CHRIST, the most high, bless you abundantly in your quest to self fulfillment and self actualization through this valley of tribulations.

Read Psalms 105 for encouragement.

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