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Hannah’s Story (Hannah Samuel):

The things that give us sleepless night, depression or even keeping us in worry, are the simplest when written or even when pronounced. Well, no class is needed for one to learn these words. Every time they are pronounced people’s blood boil hot. Surprisingly some smile sheepishly, shyly or with just a burp. To others, it’s an insult even to mention those words! What?? How ironic this is. The angry facial expressions that one makes make you go “oops!! I’m sorry you know, didn’t mean to make you feel bad”. I mean surely, how was I to know that you feel such kind of disgusting taste for words like LIFE &LOVE; ha! Ha! I got you. Tell me what you thought about when you started reading these. I know you agree with me that these words are a pain in most of our lives. None can say that they never have had an experience with these words you know, by sure of hands challenge my conclusion. But, I can’t see you, ooh men, that ain’t funny.

My definition to these words is quite, I don’t know….well take a look at these… “To me life and love thrive around TEST and TRUST. Most of our lives involve test s to build our character. What we don’t understand is that character is not what people see you as or what there opinions are, character is what God see you as. What He knows us as. No! Don’t give me that face. In all we do, we can’t live without, talk, walk, and sleep, wake up! Without God. Did you know that there are only three people you can never ever and forever lie to, yourself, the devil and God. Never forget that.

Sometimes the tests of life are so major such that they live very worse scars in our lives such that we miss the trust bit. We end up wasting time looking at our failures such that we toil and waste more energy and time moving anti-clockwise rather than clockwise. We even change the little laws of life that must never change or else there will be more damage than there is already is.

Surrender is not they way to live but it is the best way to live. By doing so, you get at ease to understand or rather get a portion of what life is. Surrender is not a foolish act or emotional impact, it is a rational intelligence act and the most reasonable and sensible act that one can ever do with there lives. Finding the purpose of your life motivates passion but passions will dissipate when you lack a purpose.

Let’s get things straight. Life and love are not what we live for rather it should be the other way round. If you make a big deal out of them my friend, six fit under will soon be your next home. It’s not a big deal! Come on!! These words are not to control you but rather you should control them. You can’t change the situations and consequences that ride along these words, but you can change the beliefs and believes that come along with the decisions we make towards these two subjects. I have learnt my lessons better last year. One tragedy after another, to an extent where I thought that I couldn’t survive.

You see I didn’t check my records with the masterpiece of the universe before I came to these horrible conclusions to life and love. I thought that I was done with this world and ready to be in the next because for me the pain was too much to bear. Last year was a nightmare to me. My second mother got sick, almost locked out of doing my exams, almost loosing my job. It was a lot of pressure for me. The best news is that where there is a will there is a way………..God saw me through. Last year made me understand these (GREAT LIVES DON’T JUST HAPPEN. THEY ARE CAUSED THROUGH DESIRE, DECISION, DETERMINATION AND FAITH. IT IS CAUSED BY THOSE WHO GET DESPERATE ENOUGH TO BACK UP THE SYSTEM AND SAY NO AND A BIG NO FOR THAT MATTER,TO SECURITY OR MEDIOCRITY. ITS CAUSED BY THOSE WHO ROUSE THEMSELVES FROM THE SLUMBER OF COMPLACENCY AND SELF-DEPRECIATION)!!

You know, one great writer once said…

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

I agree!! If you agree say yeah!! You have to live life positively and love people with a concept that you are a winner in these. You know what? Heroes are never born. so when you admire and start saying….that’s my hero, he/she was never born one. Life and love made him/her one. The process is very painful but the product is refined. I say that yesterday was a teacher, today is our success, and tomorrow is our rest in victory! For the Lord has taken you through.”

What will it be? HIS WILL OR YOURS?……………..

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