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2012 IS FINALLY HERE! (Jix Vicky Nyaga)

Well, 2012 is finally here. The year which, according to the people at SONY Pictures who produced the movie (2012), will see the earth get toasted, the soaked, like in Noah’s time. Financial analysts predict is to be an even more turbulent year than 2011 was. Meteorologists, pastoralists and farmers are hoping for fairer weather, and the world will be looking forward to significant political shifts in four of the UN security council states: USA, China, France and Russia. Of course there are other countries that will have elections like Venezuela, and more importantly, Kenya. All I know is, if Kenya makes it through these elections peacefully, the East African region will be fine. Reason being, Kenya is the hub of East Africa. The Kenya Shilling is the stronger currency; imports pass through here; the East African railway began here, and we are pretty much the reason why every silly mzungu tourist thinks all Africans speak Swahili.

Me dear reader, the year only began yesterday, so my post will be brief. I have many things to hope for in 2012. Correction, I have some. I had many but disillusionment has shortened the count. First and foremost, the Kenyan economy to return to a sense of normalcy. This thing of sugar going up from 120 to 356 shillings for a 2kg pack is not good for me. The same for fuel. I appreciate the recent deduction of 5 shillings per litre, but I am still holding the car off till Sunday to have another 3 bob knocked off. In fact, if anything, the rising cost of fuel is the main issue as far as the cost of living is concerned. Because, before the drastic fall of the shilling to the dollar at an all time low of 107, the cost of fuel was already past the 110 per litre of Super petrol mark, and was still climbing. By the time the shilling tumbled, it was 120. In a span of not a year, but about three months! I hope things work out.

Another thing I look forward to is a new job. Minimum wage doesn’t really work for me, and I have my prospects. So yeah, that could work, minus taxes.

I want to catch up with some of my pals (life has this ugly way of making people forget that there were other people in their lives before the ones who just got in, an even they will be replaced by people from the future! OOOOwweeeeOOOOO [weird spooky sound]). Just find out where they are now, how life is treating them, what they are making of themselves.

I want to spend time in a real-life desert. Like the one in Northern Kenya. I am a bit worried about the cattle rustlers and Al-Shabaab finding us and popping lead at us, and also the prospects of finding snakes and scorpions in my bed, but I am still hopeful for the best. Looking forward to the experience, should it come. Get a chance to stretch myself. Get a chance to see how creative I can get in that environment.

I also want to cut my hair. If we are friends physically – watch this space. Why do I want to cut my hair, you ask? I miss having dreadlocks. Having straight hair can prove high maintenance.

Some things, however, are best left unsaid, because I honestly don’t know what will happen. I don’t believe in jinxes and stuff, just in case you are wondering. I just think that some things should take their course, whichever direction they take. So I don’t want to pre-empt things.

Maybe you are just like me. There are some things you can’t really peg your hopes because you have no idea which way they will turn, or you are not sure how you feel about them. It’s a tricky place to find oneself. But you can still dream. Dreams build hope, which in turn gives us reason for living. Just make sure they are positive dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I remember I had a dream that I would marry in 2012, on my birthday, because my birthday falls on a Saturday this year. It was a good dream, but it’s not going to come true, due to the rather obvious fact that you have to be affianced to have a wedding. So I may throw a party instead. It’s the best alternative – and cheaper.

I have other dreams too. Like working with National Geographic or Discovery Channel. Just going to the coolest lengths to show people what they would have never known. My favorite channel was the History Channel. See history re-enacted in the most possibly accurate way. Unfortunately, our Dstv package does not include it. But that remains an unknown, and reserved for another year.

For now, I just want to live life. Take every day as it comes. Laugh as hard as I can. Love as much as is possible.

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