Wow…….so finally we got talking with the guys in my new class n twas so cool and the conversation quite thrilling.
But what struck me was to have to listen to “my fellow Christians” swearing,saying tis ok to rave,make out,move in even sleep with the Chick or Guy you in a dating(note: Not your husband or wife) and then the question went to the Muslim guy and he just shrugged then plainly said -“NO! I just can’t do any of those,I am a Muslim”- n for a moment you could see a ‘glimmer of guilt and mad hypocrisy’ cut across the “Christians” face in the room…………truth is;at that point and time,I was so ashamed to be a Christian!
Why do “we” lack a common;united stand for what is Godly – The real&living God,Jesus Christ, what happened to working our Salvation with Fear and Trembling,being the salt and light of the world and all those anecdotes of Christian living…..

Now I know an example but I wonder,WHAT WOULD JESUS DO!
I ain’t saying am perfect,but I definitely gave everybody(Christian/not)a piece of my mind but if it was You,what would you have done…….!?